10 Best Storm Proof Match Kit Reviews And Buyer’s Guide


some best storm proof match kitToday, fire remains and will consistently stay a fundamental survival resource. No survival backpack, bug out bag, get home bag or survival vehicle is complete without some fire tools. Some kind of best storm proof match kit is a must to have thing. Regardless of whether its endurance lighter, a rock striker, matches – creating fire is an essential life-saving survival skill.

Without it, things can get dark and cold quickly. And there are few fire tools as time-tested as the match. They’re simple and effective. But there are a lot of matches, made by a lot of manufacturers and for designed for different uses. Yes, they all produce fire, but some are far more reliable for survival than others. So how does one choose?

We bought and tested many different types of matches and waterproof match containers. After 26 hours of research and testing, which ranged from burn time comparisons in multiple conditions to submersion in different fluids and running the containers over with a truck, we think the best survival matches for prepping are Proforce Equipment Storm proof matches .

Matches fall roughly in the mid of the survival fire kit stack. A good durable survival lighter is the primary choice for most people, while a ferro rod (i.e. fire steel) is a last option or long-term backup. Together, all three options create the right emergency preparedness mix. Matches are great for prepping because:

  • Matches are low-priced, small, easy to store for a long time, lightweight, common, and relatively easy to use.
  • Matches come with their own built-in tinder.
  • High-quality storm matches can stay lit in the most extreme conditions, even when immersed in water. They’re essentially tiny flares.
  • Matches can support other fire methods. For example, you can strike a ferro rod spark onto a match if you don’t have better striking paper, or you can use the dying coals of a previous night’s fire to spark a match more easily than other striking paper.
  • Matches are stored in a waterproof container that will keep indefinitely.
Survival Matches Survival Matches Proforce Equipment
  • Quality:Good
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Survival Matches with Sealed Case Survival Matches with Sealed Case UCO Windproof
  • Quality:Good
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Waterproof Matches Waterproof Matches Coghlan’s 940BP
  • Quality:Good
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Reach Matches Reach Matches Diamond Long
  • Quality:Good
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Emergency Survival Windproof Matches Emergency Survival Windproof Matches Stormproof Match Case Kit
  • Quality:Good
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Camping Fire Starter, Flint Metal Match Camping Fire Starter, Flint Metal Match Etopstech Emergency Survival
  • Quality:Good
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Zippo Survival Tools
  • Quality:Good
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USB Rechargeable Windproof Flameless USB Rechargeable Windproof Flameless Waterproof Dual Arc Lighter
  • Quality:Good
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Waterproof Fire Starting Kit Waterproof Fire Starting Kit VAS First Response
  • Quality:Good
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Tactical Outdoor Dual Arc Electric Lighters Tactical Outdoor Dual Arc Electric Lighters Tactic Ops Waterproof Lighter
  • Quality:Good
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Best Storm proof Match Kit

1. Proforce Equipment – Survival Matches

Proforce Stormproof match Kit Key features

2. UCO Windproof – Survival Matches with Sealed Case

UCO Windproof Stormproof match Kit Key features

3. Coghlan’s 940BP -Waterproof Matches

SWTMERRY Hammock Camping Double Key Features

4. Diamond Long – Reach Matches

Lifeleads Camping Hammock-Nylon Double Key Features

5. Stormproof Match Case Kit – Emergency Survival Windproof Matches

Hieha Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net Key Features

6. Etopstech Emergency Survival -Camping Fire Starter, Flint Metal Match

Foxelli Camping Hammock Lightweight Parachute Key Features

Single & Double Camping Hammock with Mosquito Key Features

8. Waterproof Dual Arc Lighter – USB Rechargeable Windproof Flameless

Wise Owl Outfitters Ultralight Camping Hammock Key Features

9. VAS First Response – Waterproof Fire Starting Kit

Easthills Outdoors Jungle Explorer Key Features

10. Tactic Ops Waterproof Lighter – Tactical Outdoor Dual Arc Electric Lighters

yoomo Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net Key Features

Some Tips to Remember

But not all matches and containers are created equal — and many of their marketing claims like “waterproof” or “windproof” don’t work as advertised.


  1. The costly matches are great for your go-bags, since you won’t be carrying much bulk and want the dependable champions.
  2. The bulk matches are great for your home shelf, and you won’t need to waste the expensive ones if you’re simply starting a cook top while sheltering in your home during events like a power outage.
  3. Moisture is the number one enemy of matches, so waterproof matches will store longer than regular matches, and matches stored in water-tight containers will keep longer than those outside.
  4. You can make your own DIY storm proof matches, but the overall difference in cost/effort isn’t worth it for most people.
  5. Strike anywhere matches is nice, but not necessary, so they became the odd-man-out through our testing. They also have a small risk of unintended ignition in the box (from rubbing against each other), but that risk is decreasing as tech improves.
  6. Expensive containers from high quality brands had surprising failure rates. Price is not a clear sign of quality in this market. There are some cases where you’ll want to buy the right matches, then ditch and replace the included low-quality container.


Survival becomes a more difficult game without fire. Even crappy old matches are preferable to nothing. That’s why it’s essential to pack waterproof survival matches with your survival gear. Even if you’ve got a good survival lighter or a fire striker packed, double down and add some survival matches as well.

You never know when you’ll need them, or what you’ll need them for. Understanding how to make waterproof matches is also beneficial life-saving knowledge.

Sure, having professionally made, expert-tested survival matches is the best thing. But you never know when you’ll be stuck in a cold wet survival situation, and need to keep your matches dry. Storm-proofing matches are a simple process and are the one thing that could save your life someday.

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